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Milky PinUps !

Today we have a few illustrations from our recent Workshops in London, Frankfurt and Los Angeles.
We had a great time with photographers from all over the world and now are gearing up for a really fantastic Milky weekend in Italy, produced by Manfrotto and Marco Tortato in Bassano on 8-9 June.

It looks like it will be our last event in Europe in summer 2013 as we are moving on…
I am happy to let you know that we will be visiting for our Milky Workshops AUSTRALIA again in November 2013!

MILK Workshops 2014!
Book your place now, here: >>>BOOKING PAGE

5-6 April 2014 – London, United Kingdom
17-18 May 2014 – Frankfurt, Germany

I hope to see you there!

This time I thought it will be cool to approach the liquid theme in a more relaxed and funny way.
So we threw some colours into the mix and came up with a personal Milky PinUp parody and tribute to my favourites pinup style artists.

It was a lot of fun to work on these images and I am happy with the results as you never know if the liquid is actually going to work like you want and could you translate any concept into a Liquid scenario…

Here you can find some of the original paintings that we used as a references.

As you can see most of them were done by Gil Elvgren but there is more cool work from a talented people like Alberto Vargas or Greg Hildebrandt, to name but a few.

And the behind the scenes of the messy part of that game:

BTS photos by Thorsten Roos & Niels Walldorf

Oh, and the setup! Enjoy!

All together it is a really fun series and a cool change from our usual White on Black illustrations.

And yes, it very much looks like an upcoming 2014 calendar ;-)…

More illustrations can be found on our Website here >>>
And if you missed it last time, here is our BTS video on Lighting for Liquids >>>

Cheers and hope to see you in Oz!


Photography & Postproduction – Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz

Producer: Lan Bui
AurumLight Team: Aleksandra Wieczorkiewicz, Ben Prewett, Carl Keane, Misa Garcia, Saul Garcia, Jochen Lauffer, Bjoern Witczak
Support: Jan Kocovski, Niels Walldorf
MakUp & Hair: Marlen Watzl, Jay Jessop, Vanessa Zalamea, Andrea Rangel, Alana Baca
Models: Johanna Valerie Schade, Brooke Nicholes, Ly nna Nielson, Ella Darling, Sascha Aleksander,

MILK Workshops 2014!
Book your place now, here: >>>BOOKING PAGE

5-6 April 2014 – London, United Kingdom
17-18 May 2014 – Frankfurt, Germany

Workshops 2013 – What, Where, When…

Hi there,

Thank you for all your emails and questions about our plans for workshops in 2013.
We are pleased that there is so much interest and we would love to visit all the places you’ve mentioned.

We have prepared a series of events and I hope you will find something for you!
For the first half of the year we are going to work in Europe and during the second part we are planning to travel to Australia and USA.

As for the next six months:


We are very happy to announce a series of the Milk Workshops 2013.
This is a rare opportunity to be part of some amazing image making during the event like no other!

March – London, UK [only 3 spots left]
May – Frankfurt , Germany
June – Venice, Italy [Details TBC]

MILK Workshops in AUSTRALIA 2013!
Book your place now, here: >>>BOOKING PAGE

BRISBANE Nov 23-24 2013
MELBOURNE Nov 27-28 2013
SYDNEY Nov 30-Dec 1 2013

Get to know how to make a Liquid Illustrations that make people stop and stare at your portfolio!
Learn how to shoot throw MILK and compose all elements in Postproduction!

A 2 Day event that covers studio MILK sessions and intense editing training!
A chance to explore and push the boundary while working with your camera, lighting equipment, models and a team of assistants.

** If you like to know first about our 2013 events please sent us an email to and we will add you to our Newsletter list.

Proceed to Booking Page >>


For the first time AurumLight is teaming up with Oleg Tityaev – New York beauty and fashion photographer and bringing you one of the most comprehensive BEAUTY & FASHION photographic workshop!
Learn how to precisely control your light and make absolutely stunning portraits In-Camera without the need for Photoshop!

These are two separate events and you can find more details here:

18 May – BEAUTY Workshops

Proceed to Booking Page >>

19 May – FASHION Workshops

Proceed to Booking Page >>

For those unfamiliar with Oleg’s amazing portraits, head on over to his website or check the blog for a summary from his last New York workshops.

OK, That is it for the next six months. We will blog about the dates and the venues for Australia and USA trips at a later date when we will confirm all details.
Send us a blank email to with the name of the City to first get a Workshops Newsletter!

Please watch that space.

Jaroslav @AurumLight Team

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*** Workshops ***

MILK Workshops in AUSTRALIA 2013!
Book your place now, here: >>>BOOKING PAGE

BRISBANE Nov 23-24 2013
MELBOURNE Nov 27-28 2013
SYDNEY Nov 30-Dec 1 2013


My best regards

USA – Milk Workshop – October 2012

Yes! After months of preparations the trip is finally and officially happening!!

Some time ago I was invited to California by my good friends and awesome filmmakers The Bui Brothers to be a guest presenter and run an edition of our Liquid Workshops!

Since then we have worked together on several projects all over Europe, but for a very long time we couldn’t match our calendars… until now.

Today, everything is fixed, dates and venues are secured and we are going to make a splash on the West Coast!

*** Edit *** As expected the first event Sold-Out almost instantly!
And to meet an overwhelming demand we have decided to organise an additional event:

16th October – Milky Seminar + Live MilkShoot

Proceed to Booking Page >>

During the hyped 8 hours we will give all our heart and soul and will cover.
You will get to know everything from our workflow from start to finish.

Our Partners
I am very happy to let you know that for this event the IQ180 camera system is provided by PhaseOne, and the Lighting Equipment by PaulCBuff Inc.



If you would like to join us please book your seat asap to avoid disappointment – First Come First Served!


9:30 – 9:40 Meet & Greet

9:40 – 11:30 Open with an Overview Presentation:
– Covering “know how”,
– Photo and Lighting gear
– Tools for Milk forms,
– Approach and a deconstruction of the previous images,

11:30 – 11:45 Questions & Answers
11:45 – 11:55 Coffee Break

12:00 – 13:30 Full Liquid Photoshoot:
– Setting up and principals when working with Liquids,
– How to position your lights and explore how to use three-dimensional lighting effects
– Showing how to get the right results,
– Working with a model and assistants,

13:30 – 13:45 Questions & Answers
13:45 – 13:55 Coffee Break

14:00 – 17:15 Post-Production Session:
– An overview presentation – explaining approach to the liquid post-process
– Work through the post-production of the taken photographs up to the Final Milky Illustration,
– Get to know recipes, tips and techniques for bringing the whole shoot together.

17:15 – 17:30 Questions & Answers

We will shoot at EVS Studios in North Hollywood, California.

More Information/Enquiries:
> Need more info? Got a question? Please check The Booking Page or drop us a line on email and we’ll get right back to you.

To give you a little teaser of what might happen, please enjoy Jay Jessop in our latest work Jay vs Jay.

More about that piece and BTS material next week.
And now after a very busy week and absolutely smashing Workshop in Frankfurt we are off to Venice to recover and get ready to bring you more awesome stuff!

Please watch that space.

Jaroslav @AurumLight Team

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*** Workshops ***

MILK Workshops in AUSTRALIA 2013!
Book your place now, here: >>>BOOKING PAGE

BRISBANE Nov 23-24 2013
MELBOURNE Nov 27-28 2013
SYDNEY Nov 30-Dec 1 2013


My best regards

A NEW LOOK ! – AurumLight WEB2.0

Hi there,

So you might just see it, and figured out one of the reasons why we have been quiet recently!

Our brand NEW Website Version2.0 is life and we are very happy to introduce a NEW look, new BTS, Workshops and Prints sections!


Milk Workshops Australia 2011 – Summary

So we did a splash in Oz !

What a great finish to 2011, indeed!
After a couple of weeks of preparation, and Jeff’s great effort at the other end we managed to organise two amazing events in Melbourne and Sydney.

We left cloudy London and was welcomed by sunny Melbourne and around 20 degrees more generous weather than in Europe at the time.
My sneaky plan to cheat the jet lag was almost 100% successful, almost screwed by Singapore a plane incident but even with that delay I adjusted so quickly that I didn’t feel that time difference almost at all!

Man if that would be a Travel Photo Blog I would have plenty of great stories to tell, but it is not, so I will just quickly mention the amazing people and unique nature really making that part of the world special.

Getting back to the main topic – regular readers know the drill, though!
I always run two full demo shoots and then participants are taking over!

… using approach from our Silver Angel Illustration, we undressed Kaye from the Milky Gown!
[Click to Enlarge]

So how was it:

Day 1 – Lots of Milk throwing, crazy concepts , hyped participants, two awesome models and great crew!
8h hours of pure creativity and hard work, there was as always a lot of one-2-one time and as usual we were finishing before the scheduled time.
You might expect that when you are done, you will get quite a lot of questions, chit chats etc..
But I tell you this – after all that, everyone was excited but tired as a racing horse…

So very outnumbered we went for a cool dinner and then we took off to prepare DVD’s with the materials for the equally intense Day 2!

Day 2 – Those who had 8hours sleep were the lucky ones as that was a mind bending day!

I always stress about the different conceptual part of the workshop from the know-how bit!
You are always forced to work hard while working with the liquid – using or not our workflow and formulas… but what I always hope is that I managed to send the info across the room that the special magic is happening before you entered the studio!

I showed how I work, I was transparent as possible on how I develop my concepts and working with my team!
But foremost I trust I was inspiring!

Last but not least I would love to thank those few who made all that possible:

To Jeff Paine from Shutterclass Studio – who put in all that a lot hours of great work and organised the whole Australia venture!
If you are around Victoria and you are after a great studio Jeff is your man! Cheers for all that.

To Colin Smith and the team at Paul C Buff Australia – for providing great gear for both events with my favourites Einsteins E640 and for great discount vouchers to all participants for all PCB equipment! Much appreciated!

To our great models and makeup artist – it wouldn’t be possible without your extra effort.
To all participants for your amazing attitude an willingness to make cool stuff!

And last but not least to Ola who made my whole trip run so smooth – organising all the flights and connections so I was never late and fully equipped!
I would go astray without you! For sure!

We have also some BTS material to show you – Melbourne + Sydney:


[Photos by Jeff Paine – Click to Enlarge]


…if you are still reading you might be interested in what is coming soon!

2011 was a real roller coaster for us and I am sure that 2012 will bring more exciting stuff!
As soon I finish that post We are coming back to the final stage of Awakening Photo Quest, as we are not far from the shooting day!

So for starters I am very pleased to announce our Milk Workshops plans for 2012!
If you happen to be in one of the cities listed below and you were thinking about attending our workshops please email us at and put the name of the city in the title line.
As soon as we secure the date you will receive a newsletter with all the booking info:

Beijing, China
London, UK
Frankfurt, Germany,
Rome, Italy
Los Angeles, USA

…and it looks like we will finish the year again in the sunny Oz visiting:
and Brisbane!

Hope to see you there!

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Halloween: Trick or Treat !

so… Trick it is!

The Ghost:

It’s been a while since I last shared some of the Photoshop tricks and this is a great occasion to do that!

Here is the image I shot last year, the concept was a Deadly Dinner, and we have made a series of illustrations, the one below is one of them.
You can find the full story Here.

Let me take you through the Ghost Effect I used above.

First note is that like in case of our Liquid Illustrations all the elements were photographed on the same day with the same lighting, and camera locked on tripod.

This is essential to keep the right perspective and values when working on composite.

First step was to pick the right frame with Olya (on the left), Deona (on the right) and desaturate it.
The second step is a simple treatment of that layer with the GLOWING EDGES photoshop Filter.
Depends on your base frame sometimes it is good to bring back some of the details to our ghost figure!
I did that by adding the mask with a smoke pattern on it:

The final step is to add more smoke layers to create convincing fading effect.
I used simple black and white smoke photographs and placed them above our composite in SCREEN blending mode. To match your smoke layer and the ghost figure you will have to play a bit with the LIQUIFY filter or WARP transformation tool, and voila!

The Blood:

One of the downsides of this test shoot was that even though we had a fake blood we couldn’t use it on the day. So all the blood had to be done in postproduction.
So… how?

Here is the final frame of the Vampire:

and here is the Before and After:

We photographed the blood afterwards and just layered those frames over the original illustration using the MULTIPLY blending mode.
This example should help to understand the general idea:


The MULTIPLY blending mode helps you to match the different skin tones – you can always lift or tone down the brightness using the LEVELS in photoshop, then it is a simple matter of masking out the unwanted portion of the blood layer.

And here you can see a few more illustrations where I used the same technique: