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Australia SPLASH TOUR 2013 – Summary

Hey Everyone!

I don’t know how about you but for us January went like a blast!

Very exciting times ahead and we are thrilled about new up and coming projects.
I Will let you know all about them in the near future…

But first I would like to thank everyone who purchased the AurumLight 2014 Milky Pinup Calendar!
It means a lot and makes what we do possible! We deeply appreciate it.

Cheers for a fantastic end of year!
…and what a finish it was!

We wrapped up 2013 with an Australian Splash Tour and we had a fantastic time!
This time we visited Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Big thanks to our friends at L&P Digital Photographic – who made the tour possible!

Without their great efforts at the other end, the tour would have been a serious mission.

Our participants were given an opportunity to work with high-end gear, and shoot with Phase One IQ260 and full house of Profoto lights!

The last time we shot in Oz, we made quite a mess [images from 2011 Splash Tour], and since our Australian friends were so encouraging I decided to make a proper splash again!
Thanks to understanding owners of the studios from Brisbane – Ross Street Studio, Melbourne – Young St Studios and Phase Studio in Sydney we were able to shot illustrations like this one below.

Here is Shay as The Milky Demon from a new series that will follow in a short while.

[Click to Enlarge]

We also have found a bit of time to relax in Byron Bay which is quite an extraordinary part of the world!

I have a sketchbook that I carry around. When the moment is right I love to sit down and make some visual notes to myself.
And this is the environment where the storyboard for new AurumLight 2015 Milk Calendar came about! And the first shoot for that project is already sheduled this month. We are very excited!
I’ve felt like a writer on his winter retreat.

… it was a great time that I shared with my lovely wife. We can’t wait to come back in 2015!

Once again, Thanks to our partners, teammates, models, participants and everyone who made this OZ tour possible.

And now… AurumLight WORKSHOPS 2014 !
Book your place now, here: >>>BOOKING PAGE

To all who are asking for up and coming dates – Yes, we are preparing something special for this year!

We will visit this year:

April 5-6 – London, United Kingdom
May 17-18 – Frankfurt, Germany
May 24-25 – Milan, Italy
July 20-24 – Schloss Hoff, Austria
August DateTBC – Switzerland
USA SPLASH TOUR 2014 in September/October!
We would like to visit both coasts this time and few a cities in between!

If you are interested in any of above events you can register you interest by sending us email with your city of choice to:
We will get back to you with the newsletter as soon we will secure the venue and the date.
The booking pages for London and Frankfurt events will go life tomorrow morning.


AurumLight Beauty & Fashion Workshop with OlegTi

That was a great information packed weekend!
We worked in depth to understand and learn how to precisely control your light and make absolutely stunning portraits In-Camera without the need for Photoshop!

If you missed it, don’t worry as we will come back in that format in the future.

These were two separate events aimed to cover different material, focused on working with model and studio lighting.
The quality, direction, distance and power – you might think that these are basics but I assure you it is more important than you would expect.

Starting with simple yet effective, going through the complex, up to the creative and unique setups.
We worked with a hard light trying to avoid cutting corners with a “Big-Softbox-up-high-on-45-deg” scenario.

Most of the photos below were done with just Einsten heads equipped with a standard 8,5″ reflector additionally with ROSCO frosted, conversion or coloured gels.

Combine that with the Mixed Lighting Setup we presented some time ago, here on the blog and you unleash an unlimited creative application in both Beauty & Fashion genres.

Models: Jemma Jade Saare & Jay Jessop

All the best!

*** Workshops ***

MILK Workshops in AUSTRALIA 2013!
Book youplace nowhere: >>>BOOKING PAGE

BRISBANE Nov 23-24 2013
MELBOURNE Nov 27-28 2013
SYDNEY Nov 30-Dec 1 2013


My best regards



This time we would like to take you on a short journey through the meanders of the mind of a mentally ill person who is trapped in their own surreal world where even a guardian can appear as an intruder…

Concept and Design: Jaroslav & Katkinoko



[Click Image to Enlarge]









[…there is one more frame in the series…]

… but that one will only be available as a print at our exhibition later on this year.
So please watch this space!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Thank you for all your emails and comments! They are really encouraging!


I would like to make one more note on that occasion.
Often when I speak to aspiring photographers I hear: “… oh if I only had a studio to work in…” well, please take a look on the setup shot below:

You will notice that we worked within a very limited floor area, and I am sure that most of you will find that amount of sqm at your place!
Just remember you have 360° to work with your subject it is all about CREATIVITY!





Hi there!

I am very pleased to post another “MILK” illustration which we accomplished last week here in London.

But this time I wanted to build a bit more complicated form than usual !


[Click Image to Enlarge]

OK, let’s start from the beginning…

I came up with this idea long time ago but only recently we decided to go ahead.

When you do shoot something like this, the essential element is the concept.  And this time it was The Nun!

I wanted to mix innocence with a hint of devilish flavour!

Usually we are shooting Milk on Black BG but to reinforce innocence I decided to go for White.

Here you can see our reference photos:

The final image is an effort of the whole team which worked hard with me to make the whole process smooth and efficient as possible and I am very fortunate to have very talented and devoted people on board.

Few behind the scene photos taken by Meera,  where you can see Katkinoko doing her magic with Hair and Make-up, Sophie the Wardrobe stylist, my first assistant Magda and Ola, Misha and Michaela!

Last but not least!

Kudos to our fantastic model Ella Darling!

She was absolutely amazing – not everyone can handle 15 litres of cold Milk !


I would like to say thank you to all  who are contacting us asking about possible Workshops, advise or just postproduction technics!

I am pleased to say that we are planning to organise a two day Workshop in London later on this year!

If you are interested just drop us a line on with title “Workshops”.  We will send you a Newsletter as soon as we confirm dates!

So please watch this space!




Hi there!

We are quite busy here at the studio… so today just a simple BW post!

Hope  that you like it!







“Ju-els” & “Roman Beauty”

Hi there,

Today we would like to share a few images from our latest shoot which we did with the same team of people who worked on “La-Vander Shadow” post below.

This time we went for “Roman Beauty” look:



And a classic “Ju-els” beauty look:




This is second time that we have used the Paul C Buff Alien Bees lights B1600 – we will keep them for the tests for another month. So far I am really surprised and pleased with the quality and ease of use.
I have read a lot about the colour constancy issue but we haven’t experienced any this as yet

Hope you like it, please watch this space there is more to come.