AurumLight Beauty & Fashion Workshop with OlegTi

That was a great information packed weekend!
We worked in depth to understand and learn how to precisely control your light and make absolutely stunning portraits In-Camera without the need for Photoshop!

If you missed it, don’t worry as we will come back in that format in the future.

These were two separate events aimed to cover different material, focused on working with model and studio lighting.
The quality, direction, distance and power – you might think that these are basics but I assure you it is more important than you would expect.

Starting with simple yet effective, going through the complex, up to the creative and unique setups.
We worked with a hard light trying to avoid cutting corners with a “Big-Softbox-up-high-on-45-deg” scenario.

Most of the photos below were done with just Einsten heads equipped with a standard 8,5″ reflector additionally with ROSCO frosted, conversion or coloured gels.

Combine that with the Mixed Lighting Setup we presented some time ago, here on the blog and you unleash an unlimited creative application in both Beauty & Fashion genres.

Models: Jemma Jade Saare & Jay Jessop

All the best!

*** Workshops ***

MILK Workshops in AUSTRALIA 2013!
Book youplace nowhere: >>>BOOKING PAGE

BRISBANE Nov 23-24 2013
MELBOURNE Nov 27-28 2013
SYDNEY Nov 30-Dec 1 2013


My best regards

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