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Brace yourself winter is coming – THE GIRL WITH THE BROKEN HEART – BTS Teaser

A few weeks ago we managed to shoot one of my concept shoots which is now in postproduction…
Working on current assignments it will take me a while before I will find time to retouch the final illustrations.

Taking this under consideration, you will see the end piece while we will have a (hopefully) beautiful spring and for a moment I was worried somewhat it is not going to be a relevant…

… but as the great fan of “Game of Thrones” and seeing the 3rd season of the show starting on 31st March I am not worried anymore! Knowing that the theme is similar makes me even a little happy about that.

So brace yourself winter is coming!
But for now I will leave you just with this short Behind The Scenes teaser:

The Girl With The Broken Heart – BTS Teaser:

The concept for the shoot has been ready for a while now, but only recently I felt that this is the right time for it.
I always say that being prepared early and working with excellent team will let you improvise on the day. But location shooting is quite a different game than any studio work and you just can’t predict a lot of things. There are days when the shoot is more like fire fighting to save the day rather than ticking the boxes on your schedule.

Those are the days when a great team and excellent and reliable gear will play an essential part!
More about that in the near future so please watch this space and cheers for watching.


TGWTBHproject – The AurumLight Team:
Concept & photography – Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz
Model – Paula Langowska
Hair & MakeUp – Katarzyna Lada
BTS Video/Photo – Rafal Makowski
Location Logistics – Dawid Durniat
Permits: Lukasz Daniewski
Transport: Konrad Mroczynski
Costume desing: Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz
Costume props: Melina Carranza, Jay Jessop, Karen Helle, Ewa Wieczorkiewicz, Aleksanda Wieczorkiewicz
Assistants: Aleksanda Wieczorkiewicz, Agata Ciesielska, Bartek Rozenski, Joanna Wieczorkiewicz, Ben Prewett, Carl Keane, Pawel Laskowski, Przemyslaw Niedzielski

*** Workshops ***

MILK Workshops in AUSTRALIA 2013!
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BRISBANE Nov 23-24 2013
MELBOURNE Nov 27-28 2013
SYDNEY Nov 30-Dec 1 2013


My best regards

Drew Gardner’s walk-thru series!

That was one of the most interesting assignments in 2010.

We were commissioned to work on the series of 15 episodes Drew Gardner’s walk-thru series!
Drew took us on amazing photographic journey through fantastic years of his experience. We spent many evenings chatting about the photos, the stories behind them and drinking good wine!

If you are interested David Hobby just dropped his review on the STROBIST Blog

I hope you will enjoy all of them. You can download full series or selected tutorials directly from the new Drew Gardner’s WEBSITE



B-Movie “THE TRAP”

Hi there!

Today I would like to share a few images from a short series called
the B-Movie “THE TRAP”,
which we did earlier this year in Brussels, Belgium under the eye of Drew Gardner.
It was a pleasure to work with great group of professional people, below you can see the effects of our effort on the day!

The concept was to bring the climate of the classic B-movies and Si-Fi thrillers.

In our story the girl must go through the forest to search for her dog that happens to be a decoy purposely enticed by …

…well check for yourself:
B-Movie “THE TRAP”
[Click Image to Enlarge]



And here you have behind the scenes video recorded by me and Bert Stephani



The Zebra from Drew Gardner’s ‘The Forest’ series

Zebra Video Goes Live !!!

…and it is for Free…  Enjoy !



Please don’t forget to visit Drew’s Blog:

P.S. You can actually see me in the video ;-)
All the best



Hi there,

It’s been a while since my last post…

Last weekend I went to meet a few good people from the London Strobist Group and I did a test shoot with a  few of the models who attended the event hoping to find the right person for our next project…

The weather was fantastic so I abandoned the studio and we took the advantage of the accessible rooftop and played with and against the sun.

The day went smoothly and the models were great. I will add that in the near future I will work with one of the girls from the photos below on my new up and coming project…

…well as soon I’ll finish the storyboard ;-]  I am very excited! …About the story board that is and project that is ;-]

So watch this space

C&C Welcome!


1. Rianne

2. Cristina

3. Negin