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Hey Guys!

We are engaged!! :-)

Yes, it’s true and we are both very excited! I was so excited that I decided to use it to my advantage and shoot another Poster for fun! Any excuse I know!

Today we deconstruct the lighting for this Poster:

It worked out pretty well with just three lights – two stripboxes for the rim on the sides and back and one small sofbox from the front

The photo was taken on seamless, for the BG we used a bunch of Christmas lights which were added in the postproduction .
Here is the original

… I have a few more posters already in the pipeline – this is fun !



For the next instalment of the Movie posters Variations  series I thought I will go for superhero theme :-]
At the moment I am watching “Heroes” TV series  so I will give it a go :-]

She’s a Bad-Ass

For energy balls I shoot few [quite a lot actually] soap bubbles bursts.
Shots below were taken with 1/400s, 1/800, 1/1000 of a second – using all this Hi-Speed WooDoo ;-D.

Then I moved to the subject ; -) my favourite part!

Plus dramatic sky – which is not a  problem here in London ; -D

Then some mixing in Potatoshop ; -) and voilà:

Hope you guys like it.

To Be continued…


Being a big fan of cinema since I was a child, I was always collecting movie posters of my favourite films.

So these days when I can really appreciate the work that both photographers and graphic editors put in to create fantastic artwork to advertise motion pictures, I am starting this series as a tribute to all those artist who for years have stimulated my imagination.
This is also going  to be my quasi mental therapy to keep me sane after hours of everyday stuff I am doing to pay the bills.

Today we will kick off and start with simple work but which is very  important for me.

“Don’t forget to take your medicine…”

Inspired by amazing comic book artist Frank Miller – from his work my favourite has to be Sin City! Years before the movie I was reading this series like crazy :-] and Aaron Nace who who is a very talented photographer and came out with the idea which was used for the reference picture.

I was so relieved when it was made into a  movie which was nearly as good as the book!