Milk Workshop in Hollywood 2012- Summary

Our Californication i.e 2012 AurumLight first USA Workshop! What an event that was!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who made the effort and travelled to Hollywood for both events!
I was pleasantly surprised when the workshop sold out after only two hours from the announcement!

We met our regular readers and a whole bunch of new faces who made the whole trip absolutely worthwhile and enjoyable!

Secondary, we are very grateful to our good friends from The Bui Brothers – Lan and his crew who put a lot of time and effort to make these events run smoothly. It wouldn’t have been possible without them,

Thirdly – Kudos to our great supporters from Phase One and Paul C Buff.
It is amazing to have such fantastic partners – thanks to them we able to provide high end gear experience for our attendees, not to mention free Capture One software and many other giveaways!

And last but not least – The Events were hosted by EVS Studios in Hollywood and all the props were provided by Greg Aronowitz.

So to everyone above, Cheers for your time, support and making these workshops our best training events to date!
We enjoyed our California experience so much that we have already pencilled down a dates for 2013…

So how was it?

Started with know how presentation and sharing my approach, methodology and the secrets you need to know!


… then the fun time… messing around with gallons of milk … dozens of gallons!
During our stay with our participants we accomplished fifteen liquid shoots…

[Click image to Enlarge]


Thanks to our friends at Phase One we could use the best gear available on the market!
Regular readers knows that PhaseOne P65+ is my go-to camera when it comes to bigger scale projects. But for this one we got a exceptional Phase One IQ180


And here is the final effects of one of the shoots we did in front of a hyped, creative crowd.

I mentioned Phase One IQ180… and it’s incredible detail:
100% Crop [Click image to Enlarge]


*** Workshops ***

MILK Workshops in AUSTRALIA 2013!
Book your place now, here: >>>BOOKING PAGE

BRISBANE Nov 23-24 2013
MELBOURNE Nov 27-28 2013
SYDNEY Nov 30-Dec 1 2013


My best regards

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