AWAKENING – PART II – Building Your Team

And we are back with our Photo-Quest – the Awakening!
Recently slowed down because of the winter weather outside but in full speed at the moment and taking our prep work to another level.

Building your Team!

That stage is particularly important!

So, Is photography, a game for a lonely wolfs?
… well, maybe in some cases. But the kind we do definitely require an extra effort!

Let me picture it for you:

You might be a good photographer, really great! …but there are many great not only photographers but visionaries out there.
Exactly like sports athletes… and all of you are starting the same race.

You might be much better than anyone else on the track, so from the start you are leading the race… but after first 400meters all guys who you left behind are passing the baton to their team mates… and all of the sudden, now you are just trying to keep up…
After another 400m another switch and after that again…

The race is lost, even though there is still a great deal of honour in finishing eventually…

I think you know what I mean.
You can be really strong in what you do, but it is hell of a hard to lead the game which was set for a group.

The Team

My approach was to build a solid group of professionals that together can take on board a really complex conceptual work.

The size of our team depends on assignment, and almost any location shooting is “eating” the human resources really fast.
But no matter what the job might be – small or big scale – for the win we keep exactly the same core of the group on each assignment and increase the number of assistants if needed.

You might ask, why does it matter? MUA is a MUA and VAL is a VAL…

I would say that this is absolutely essential!

I treat the creative process like a great adventure… something like climbing another mountain…
When the Goal is set, it is the Journey what counts and how you will get to your destination point!

If your challenge is uncertain, you really want to explore it with the people that you easily communicate with, really trust and willing to clip to the same rope while hanging over the edge…

The Team make the difference but Consistency is gold!

Like a really good looking hand writing. Each team member has a significant role in keeping your hand writing i.e. the “look” of your work consistent.
Change one piece in that puzzle and you will have a different effect every time.

OK, that being said so, what is happening in Awakening

It is the time to let go a bit and hand out part of the tasks.
When the Storyboard is fixed, and we are starting work on the characters design, I like to brainstorm our options.

Each character carefully designed with a series of sketches which are now handed out to the team.
That part is a very specific to my workflow when working on personal project or with clients.

I really find the mood-boards misleading, especially on a very early stage – you are simply sending out too much information and the essential parts are getting lost in the ambient noise of selected images.

When sketches are done Katrina who is doing amazing things with hair and makeup and Sophie the costume designer will have some time to come up with their conclusions.
Summary of our thoughts is what we are going to present to the client before we go to another stage.

When all that is done, we can move on…

To Be Continued……


AWAKENING – PART II – Building Your Team

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  1. Posted March 9, 2012 at 22:19 | Permalink | Reply

    Im In my firend.

    give me an email with some dates

  2. Posted March 11, 2012 at 14:11 | Permalink | Reply

    Your spot on with your examples of team work and how the right people can come up with genius level work. Can’t wait to see the final result of the project!

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