The Milky Tunik

Today I would like to share an image from a liquids series.

A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to work under the eye of a great guy and amazing photographer Andrey Razoomovski from I was looking to hear about his approach and to improve my techniques. It is great when someone can share with you their experience and help you to avoid making similar mistakes.

I have always been thrilled by his work, but to experience full speed action – it was really something …

Getting back to the topic…
Since the image is published, after long hours of the postproduction I can finally post my version here.
Todays picture features the amazing Marta in the Milky Tunic!

Before you ask – The Milk is not photoshopped… well it is actually … but no, it is not… ;-)

Preparation is always eating time, but this kind of shoot requires a lot more than usual. You need to consider the studio space, health and safety, remember that in the end it is liquid and electricity – a combo which might be not the best for the model if something goes wrong…
… and one more thing… you can smell the milk for days after the shoot… and it is quite an odd scent…

Stay tuned, more to come soon!


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