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“Ju-els” & “Roman Beauty”

Hi there,

Today we would like to share a few images from our latest shoot which we did with the same team of people who worked on “La-Vander Shadow” post below.

This time we went for “Roman Beauty” look:



And a classic “Ju-els” beauty look:




This is second time that we have used the Paul C Buff Alien Bees lights B1600 – we will keep them for the tests for another month. So far I am really surprised and pleased with the quality and ease of use.
I have read a lot about the colour constancy issue but we haven’t experienced any this as yet

Hope you like it, please watch this space there is more to come.




Aurum Lighting Studio have great pleasure in welcoming on board  Katkinoko who is an extra talented wig designer and professional but not only that a fantastic person.

We strongly recommend her to anyone who is looking for not only a team player but who has amazing creative input!
(we also love her rates… but be quick I have a feeling she will become very busy quite soon!)

Below you can see Kat in action as she is preparing the gorgeous model Cristina who you have already met ‘on the roof’ a few posts below

We had a very busy Saturday, and I still have loads of material to edit, so watch that space there is more to come.

And here you can see the effects of our effort on the day:







I had an idea for that shoot for a while now bouncing in my had.
Actually I think it was way too long lying in my drawer with the rest of my sketches…

A few months ago I had a chance to meet Marta Gut amazing model, great person and a true professional in all aspects.
I explained to her what I had on my mind – that is the moment when even your rough sketches are handy to have by – and she politely agreed to pose for me.

I literally had few minutes to shoot her on black BG – and believe or not I took only 4 frames!

This project was one of very few when I had to shoot the talent before I really had time to work out what is going to happen on the final image.
Usually when I am working with composites like this – I am photographing the model with ready-made backgrounds. This time because of the sequence I needed to work backwords. So…

…here almost straight from  the camera shot of Marta on black…

The next thing was to quickly paint the concept in colour – and that was the moment were Bartek Repetowski a great concept designer and graphic artist – came up with the concept of the monstrous colossus.
With that speedpainted concept I started to work on the textures and the actual figure of the monster and how it could be mixed with the Marta’s image.

Everything that is on the final image was painted by me in Photoshop – it took a great deal of time. Here you can see the mask of it:

When the figure was ready I moved to the fur where I referred to gorillas – one quick trip with your camera to the zoo and you are full of reference points how to paint the texture.

Here is the final figure of the Beast:

Great Photographer and one of my mentors Drew Gardner told me to always use
your resourser, and engage as many people as you need to make things happen – never be afraid to ask and listen to the critics!

At this point I contacted Daniel Zagorski – fantastic polish artist with extraordinary experience and a critics point of view on the concept.
What he told me was – try to keep things simple – the old and simple schemes are clear and known by everyone –  therefore sometimes more
striking than a overcooked complicated “meal”

From there was just one more step to finish things in PS and here you have the final image:


Original size  8000pix on the long edge…

Hope you enjoyed!

Stay tuned … more to come!


Whatever I do, I always give my best.
That is why I love to shoot sportsmen doing any kind of sport.

There is something magical about watching passionate people pushing their body to the limits.

Today’s shot is a picture of my friend Simone  – a great dedicated swimmer – during the preparation for her third Triathlon.

All the best to the people who like to push themselves and never give up!


Hey Guys!

We are engaged!! :-)

Yes, it’s true and we are both very excited! I was so excited that I decided to use it to my advantage and shoot another Poster for fun! Any excuse I know!

Today we deconstruct the lighting for this Poster:

It worked out pretty well with just three lights – two stripboxes for the rim on the sides and back and one small sofbox from the front

The photo was taken on seamless, for the BG we used a bunch of Christmas lights which were added in the postproduction .
Here is the original

… I have a few more posters already in the pipeline – this is fun !



For the next instalment of the Movie posters Variations  series I thought I will go for superhero theme :-]
At the moment I am watching “Heroes” TV series  so I will give it a go :-]

She’s a Bad-Ass

For energy balls I shoot few [quite a lot actually] soap bubbles bursts.
Shots below were taken with 1/400s, 1/800, 1/1000 of a second – using all this Hi-Speed WooDoo ;-D.

Then I moved to the subject ; -) my favourite part!

Plus dramatic sky – which is not a  problem here in London ; -D

Then some mixing in Potatoshop ; -) and voilà:

Hope you guys like it.

To Be continued…