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The Silver Angel Redux – PaulCBuff Einstein E640 Ad

The Silver Angel has landed on my desk today!!

I really believe that if you are passionate about something, doing and giving everything while working hard on your ideas… that’s when good things will happen!

Our Silver Angel illustration was spotted by an absolutely amazing guy… An inventor, constructor, not least an inspiration – Paul Buff.

I am so honoured that he has decided that this artwork is going to be a new advert for the latest Pauls creation, “a light of genius” EINSTEIN E640.

Our images and the story from that post are also featured inside the front cover of Shutterbug magazine!

How cool is that?!

For Paul Buff Einstein™ E640 Advertisements [click here]

The Silver Angel [Click Image to Enlarge]


See you soon Wloclawek!

… that was a fantastic day!

I had the pleasure of running a seminar and meeting so many passionate people.
I shared my approach to conceptual photography my thoughts and how the things work for me.

I am both very pleased and grateful for such amazing feedback and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone, it was really worthwhile!

A special thanks goes to the organiser of the exhibition and the seminar.
Lukasz, please keep up great work!
It was awesome!

Cheers Guys and see you next year Wloclawek!

Photos by Lukasz Daniewski


I am very pleased to announce two upcoming events.

We have been invited to exhibit our work at a photographic event in my hometown – Wloclawek in Poland in late September 2011.

We have also been given the opportunity to run a SEMINAR at this event, where we can meet other photo enthusiasts and professional photographers both local and from around the region.

During the seminar, we will share our approach, experience, the backstage videos and more material from our recent conceptual photography ventures…
… and yes we will touch on our Milk Series as well !

Along with our most popular projects, we will also premiere our latest production THE TRIAL.

THE TRIAL will be published on the blog soon so please stay tuned – it is quite an interesting piece and we are very excited!

Both events – the Exhibition and the Seminar are Free and everyone is more than welcome to come along!
Hope to see you there!

Galeria Bezdomna – ul.Zabia8 – Wloclawek – Poland
24 Sept’11 Friday 16:00 – Gallery Exhibition opening
26 Sept’11 Monday 17:00 – Seminar with Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz, AurumLight

There are quite a few interesting events planned for that week, and if you are interested you can find the full programme (in Polish) Here.


THE TRIAL – Teaser

Just a teaser from our latest conceptual shoot “THE TRIAL”

This was a fantastic assignment in a stunning location here in London and I hope that the teaser will whet your appetites!

We are in the process of finishing the postproduction and I cannot wait to share this material with you all, but before we publish the effects over the web I have an interesting surprise for my followers from Poland.  Especially from my home town!

Please keep an eye on the Blog, the details will follow shortly!


“THE TRIAL” – Teaser

Thanks for checking!

Playing with water: THE SILVER ANGEL !

Hi there!

That is just a Teaser :-]  before our 2-Day ! MILK WORKSHOP in London on 25 and 26 June 2011.

THE SILVER ANGEL       [Click Image to Enlarge]


A different technique this time – Water Illustration … but if you think that shooting / throwing water is easier than MILK, you might be surprise! :-]

The Water Dress

We had a lot of fun durring the shoot! And I was waiting with that concept for a while. Mainly because pouring the Milk on someone and throwing a Water is a different kind of animal.

I knew that I want a massive wings for the The Silver Angel concept, and that we will be throwing the liquid very fast, very high, and very far.

For the Milk concepts we used several different brands of studio lights – and if you know how to throw the Milk you can get away with avarage flash duration.
But we experienced a few problems with Bowens, Elinchrom, and Alien Bees – and funny enough it was exactly same problem every time. Freezing the fast moving liquid and the “long tail” of light.

I am not going to make a comparison test here or enything close to that – you can easly google those information on T1 and T5 times.

The conclusion was that even if we knew how to find a way around that issue with Milk – we knew that we will not get a way with Water!
So we had to choose something really fast – and literally there is not many options on the market – especially at the price point we were looking for.

We switched to a completely new system and after few tests we went for Paul C. Buff’s – EINSTEINS V2

We did quite a few shoots with them already and I am really impressed – this is a first light when I am working with, I really feel that I am in total control! And I am a “manual” type of guy!
I was working with Rangers  for a while now – and you need to love the build quality – but I didn’t like the cryptic 7 step power scale at all… now all my Elinchrom modifires are equiped with custom Eli > Balcar (Alien Bees/Einstein) speedring ;-]

The Einsteins have absolutely unique control panel and they can go down from 640WS up to 2,5WS with a mind blowing flash duration 1/13,500 of a second (t.1)!  Sweet!
If you are interested – for more details you will need to go to Paul C Buff website, but when I am telling you that this baby is “sharp”, believe me – it is!

[Click Image to Enlarge]


Thanks for checking!
Jaroslav @ Aurum Light Team

P.S.  We have only three places left for the Milk Workshop!

See you there!




This time we would like to take you on a short journey through the meanders of the mind of a mentally ill person who is trapped in their own surreal world where even a guardian can appear as an intruder…

Concept and Design: Jaroslav & Katkinoko



[Click Image to Enlarge]









[…there is one more frame in the series…]

… but that one will only be available as a print at our exhibition later on this year.
So please watch this space!


Hope you enjoyed the pictures!
Thank you for all your emails and comments! They are really encouraging!


I would like to make one more note on that occasion.
Often when I speak to aspiring photographers I hear: “… oh if I only had a studio to work in…” well, please take a look on the setup shot below:

You will notice that we worked within a very limited floor area, and I am sure that most of you will find that amount of sqm at your place!
Just remember you have 360° to work with your subject it is all about CREATIVITY!